2019: What Nigerians should do to me if i join Obasanjo’s Coalition – Soyinka


Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has revealed what Nigerians should do to him if he ever joins Ex-president, Olusegun Obasanjo’s coalition of Nigeria movement.

Soyinka, in a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, said that he should be taken to a Psychiatrist if he ever joins Obasanjo’s CNM adding that such a coalition was not meant for a person like him. In his words;

“Me? Obasanjo would establish a group and I will become a member of such group? That means they should get a psychiatrist to examine me,” Soyinka said.

He continued further; “When these soldiers begin to speak, we are supposed to get suspicious and ask what exactly do they have in mind? It is possible that what they have in mind is different from what we have in mind.

You can look at it from two perspectives, the messenger and the message. The message should be examined closely. We should not look at the misdeeds of the messenger alone. Let’s start by asking, is he saying the truth or telling lies, or is he being tricky?

If he is saying the truth and talking about things that are beneficial to the masses, we would allow that be. After that, we would now look at the person speaking, what is in his mind? … even if it’s a little child who is speaking, as far as that child is saying the truth, we won’t ask the child to keep quiet. We won’t ask the child what do you know? We would listen. It is the same situation with those who have presided over the affairs of this nation without making significant progress.

We have seen their weaknesses, we have seen their unclothedness in public, if they now want to be covered by saying that they have turned a new leaf, we would examine that, too. What I am saying, in essence, is that what they have said should also be examined.”

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