Alli vs. Lipozene: Which One is Better?

Today’s Internet is overwhelmed with hundreds of various remedies for losing weight or keeping it
under control, so choosing the best among them isn’t an easy task. The benefits and positive effects
of such pills are described in detail, while it’s not clear how they affect our health, and the lists of
negative side effects can be long and terrifying. That’s why a little research is what you need.

Today, we will compare two most popular weight loss drugs, Alli and Lipozene, and find out how they work
and which one is safer by comparing their ingredients and effectiveness.


The main component of Alli is orlistat, the white powder-like substance that inhibits pancreatic and gastric
lipases thus reducing weight. The principle of its work creates certain side effects which, nevertheless,
aren’t considered too serious compared to Alli’s benefits.

What are Alli’s negative sides? According to Alli review on Expertratedreviews, it’s the side effects that
occur when orlistat removes fat from the body. These effects create discomfort due to increased flatulence,
sudden diarrhea, or decreased vitamin absorption by the body.

What are the benefits of Alli? Weight loss is the main one. Orlistat significantly reduces weight by breaking
down the food that gets to the intestine by inhibiting the enzyme called pancreatic lipase. When you take
Alli, you basically reduce the amount of lipase in your intestine, which means that the food you consume
won’t turn into fatty acids. This reduces the number of calories you consume daily.


This drug works a bit differently. In fact, the principles that make Lipozene work are still not clear. But
according to some clinical trials, the main component of this drug called glucomannan (a natural fiber)
reduces the daily intake of calories by faking the sense of fullness. In other words, it suppresses your
appetite. It also contains other ingredients, such as green tea, vitamins, and koala nut, however,
glucomannan remains Lipozene’s only active ingredient.

Now, Lipozene is supported by clinical trials. Besides, you can check the drug’s efficiency by obtaining a free
sample. But the drug’s official website doesn’t provide potential customers with enough information on the
product, and the drug itself doesn’t burn fat, although its creators claim it does. All this becomes a reason
for negative feedbacks.

There is also not so many information concerning Lipozene’s ingredients, which makes this drug risky
because of unpredictable side effects. You can’t be sure what consequences you may come across taking

Which one is better?

To end the discussion, we just need to note that Lipozene isn’t approved by FDA due to its mysterious
composition. Alli also has its drawbacks, with negative side effects being the main ones. Nevertheless,
clinical trials have shown that Alli is both effective and stable. The results are clearly visible after a short
time period. And Alli is approved by FDA, which means that it’s safer than Lipozene.

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