APC deceiving Nigerians with restructuring, No second term for Buhari – Nwabueze

Elder statesman, Chief Ben Nwabueze has warned Nigerians to beware the promises of restructuring being touted by the All Progressives Congress, APC ahead of the 2019 elections.

Nwabueze believes that the APC is deceiving Nigerians with the promise of restructuring in order to secure votes for the upcoming elections. He also advised against electing President Buhari for a second term. He told Sun;

“APC wants to deceive us, but I hope we would not allow ourselves to be deceived again. This country has been run by government of deceit. APC is government of deceit. Their restructuring is the more you look the less you see, that is why they say they were for restructuring, and after Buhari’s re-election then they will restructure. This deceit has been going on for too long.

Dr Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Information, perfected falsehood, deceit and propaganda into an art, but our own Lai Mohammed, is trying to outdo Goebbels by churning out lies, deceits every day. Telling us that they accepted restructuring, but we should wait after the election. If you don’t want restructuring now, then there should be no election. I hope Nigeria would stand up for once and say, no, we have had enough deceit, and say restructure now or never.”

Nwabueze reacting to a question about President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid, said;

“I said it earlier, that this administration has been characterised by deceit. The campaign for his re-election is a journey in deceit. He has spent almost three years in office. Three years of chaos, of suffering, of hardship.
It is captured the best by the Catholic Bishop Conference if you read what they said. They gave a good description of this – what this country has suffered under Buhari.

I agree with former President Olusegun Obasanjo that Buhari should not be given a second term. He has done enough damage in his first term and we don’t need anything more to convince us that he can’t take this country to any higher level unless he is talking about higher level of suffering. He will take us to a higher level of misery if he is given a second term. The decision is now left for Nigerians to decide.

2019, is decisive, it is the determination of the capacity for Nigerians to govern themselves. From all indications – body language, what he has said, what the Secretary to the Government of the Federation said, it is very clear that the man is going to contest again. It is also clear that the APC will put him forward.

My position still stands that no restructuring no election in 2019, and that is also the position of the Southern Leaders of Thought.”

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