Fuel Scarcity: PDP chieftain attacks Bakare, Soyinka, calls them ‘Hypocrites’


PDP chieftain, Sunny Onuesoke has described Pastor Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Pat Utomi, Femi Falana and others as hypocrites over their silence on the current fuel scarcity affecting the nation.

Onuesoke’s reaction originates from the fact that under the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan, the people mentioned above were vocal and organized protests at the slightest provocation but remained silent even when fuel has skyrocketed to N145 from N85.

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He called on them to speak out since they showed themselves as activists in 2012.

“What are the Soyinkas, Femi Falanas, Joe Odumakins, Pastor Bakares, Utomis and others who claim to be activists and defenders of the masses doing now when the prices of the commodities went to the rooftop and it is not available in this present administration.

When former President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to deregulate the oil sector and raise fuel pump price they protested. They shut down the country for six days.They shut down the country for six days. Then they claimed they were fighting for the interest of their generations.

But when this present government which promised to reduce fuel pump price during campaign removed fuel subsidy and increased fuel pump price from N65 to N145 per litre, none of them raised an eyebrow. They pretended as if they were not aware of the astronomical increase of fuel pump price by President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. That is the hypocrisy of the western people.”

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