Good Samaritan Buys A Plane Ticket For A Nigerian Lady Who Has Never Entered A Plane In Her Life After She Commented On Gossip Mill Nigeria


Every Little Kindness Matters Chioma Sucre Udogu Mbamalu is a faithful reader of Gossip mill Nigeria.
Just like many young people of her generation, she found succour and always at home on the our gossip blog and she is very active on our Facebook page.

Last week, Chioma went to her favourite page to read news and while at that, she saw the pictures of internet sensation and comedian Emmanuella inside an airplane. Chioma in her jocular manner expressed her opinion that as little as Emmanuella is, she is a regular flyer that uses flight to move around the country and most importantly, she is older than Emmanuella but she has not flew before except the planes she sees on the sky.

Chioma I know can be funny like this and vocal as well but I know she did not attach any importance to what she wrote on Our Facebook page.

A young Gentle man and label owner of tuwantu music Chukwuemeka Okorie saw Chioma’s comment and then offered her a free return ticket for her to experience how it feels to fly at no cost to her. Just like that? Chioma today returned back to Lagos after spending the weekend in the east and guess the airline she used for the return trip?
Air Peace and the ticket was purchased for her for free by this guardian angel called Emeka.
Flying Air Peace may not be a big deal for regular travelers but for Chioma, it is a big deal and her life has changed forever by this act of kindness from a stranger that she does not know.

Let me tell you guys something, if you are born into an average home in Nigeria, exposure like this means so much to you and In turn it builds your confidence to demand more from life and knock at closed doors. I speak this from my own experience and story In life. Well done Chukwuemeka! You belong to the new tribe of Nigeria that will change the story of Nigeria for good.
The impact you have created in this young lady’s life is profound and may your pocket never run dry.

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Written by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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