Hot Photos Of A Pretty Nigerian Fire Fighter

Dennis Dooshima is an incredibly beautiful Nigerian female firefighter.
The classy and savvy young woman sure knows how to melt the hearts of Nigerians with her poise and standard.

Dooshima is a firefighter you would love to meet any time any day because of her ravishing beauty. See more photos and some reactions below…

nem Puzzle Etokakpan This is the kind of picture some men would see and purposely want to set their house on fire.
Only problem is when they send someone who looks like speed Darlington or Vic O to come for rescue..
Fadalawd, lemme just die in peace.

Ibesi Oguejiofor And who says she fights fire? That lady is an arsonist: She causes the fire and not fight it abeg.

Una blind? No be fire she carry for body.😕

Chetam Dan Samuel Ilechukwu But na true oo! Unlike oyinbo kids, i’ve neva seen a Nigerian kid dat said he/she wants to b a firefyta wen dey grow up. Naija firefytas no dey eva get water 4 tank + nobody come late reach dem.

Wilşön Ijai Midawa fire fighter job don die for naija since call them and here no water just like our best frds that would say no patrol this one just one cos fire guys avoid that area for the security reasons of your chest or wear chest helmet

Related News: Nigeria Federal Fire Service Recruitment Application 2017 Salary Act and Ranks.

The federal fire service recruitment portal is set to be reopened by the Federal Fire Service of Nigeria for 2017 job applications. The FFS was established in 1901 by the British colonial regime as a unit within the Lagos Police Service Department to prevent and combat fire outbreaks in the Government Reserved Areas of Lagos Colony.

This Unit was formed and incorporated alongside the then Lagos Police and was known as the Lagos Police Fire Brigade. The Police Fire Brigade was thus an apparatus of the British Colonial Government. Its leadership and administration rested squarely on the colonists.

The Lagos Police Fire Brigade became Federal Fire Service by an Act of Parliament in 1963 known as the Fire Service Act of 1963. All the officers and men serving in the Lagos Police Fire Brigade were transferred to the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs as officers and men of the Federal Fire Service.

The Federal Fire Service is therefore a paramilitary organisation, under the Supervision of the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Interior, with the Controller-General as its Head.

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