Let’s Discuss: Wizkid & King Sunny Ade Are The Biggest Artistes Nigeria Ever Produced (Do You Agree?)

Hope you have a great day out there? May God bless your hustles.

As usual, I have an interesting topic to discuss with you guys that will definitely spice up your day also cause a little bit of argument within the environment you find yourself.

The Nigeria’s Music Industry has been existing before we came into existence and we have seen so many talented, creative and hardworking artistes that have been consistent over there years and placing the industry on the world map. But out of the multitude, there must be one or two artists who have done a great thing.

So this made me ask my friends this interesting question

Who Is The Existing Biggest Artiste Nigeria Ever Produced?

This question triggered a heated argument between us that is yet unsettled but before I allow you guys to air your opinion let me tell you my friend’s response

He Said,

So far Nigerian Music Industry Is concerned Wizkid & King Sunny Ade Are The Existing Biggest Artists Nigeria Ever Produced. Because Wizkid is the only artist who has successfully promote the industry to the international market and also nominated on the most prestigious Grammy Awards while King Sunny Ade was relevant in his 70’s, dazzled in the 80’s, nourished in the 90’s and we are celebrating him in the 21st century because he remained consistently relevant for several decades.

Guys, with above opinion, do you agree?

If No Tell me Who Is Your Existing Biggest Artist Nigeria Ever Produced?

Wizkid & King Sunny Ade Are The Biggest Artists Nigeria Ever Produced (Do You Agree?)

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