Looking At The Music Industry: Which Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Can Bring Grammy Award To Nigeria?

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Mehn, I have an amazing question for you all today.

Was going through the Internet this morning and I saw a rough video of some pretty girls talking about Nigerian Music Industry but the main subject of the discuss was ‘Which artiste will bring Grammy Award to Nigeria?‘.

The question was a good one though so as the Number 1 Musical platform in Nigeria, we just think say make we come use am play for here the way we normally do am, una understand na.

Many of our Nigerian artistes did all their best just to bring the almighty Grammy Award to the country but still never get it…DAMN!!.

Though, many Nigerian artistes had been nominated for the award, artistes like WizkidTimayaFemi KutiKah-LoKing Sunny Ade and few others.

Let’s give our artistes Kudos for even making it to the nomination in some various categories at the Grammy Award 👏🏽, we are supper proud of you guys but will love if you all can still put in more energy cause we need to bring this thing to the country.

Looking at the Music Industry now, we have some mad talented artiste who are really changing the game and making waves which can probably lead them to a legend stage by winning and bringing the Grammy Award home.

So guys 👇🏽

Looking At The Industry: Which Artiste Can Bring The Grammy Award To Nigeria?

Who Do You Think Is Capable Of Setting The Grammy Award Record In Nigeria?

Let’s hear from you all

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