Macmillan Arrest: PDP destroyed Nigeria’s Education Sector – Presidency


The Nigerian presidency has alleged that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP destroyed the educational sector of the country.

Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie in a post on her social media page, while reacting to the arrest of Professor Adesanya Adelekan by the EFCC for N20 billion fraud, blamed the PDP for the problems faced in Education.
She wrote;

“Most of our young people who are around 30 years old, had their Primary, secondary or University Education under PDP. Now, thanks to EFCC, we now know why many of them have no proper education, no rational independent reasoning ability nor critical thinking skills.

How could they? Their schools were short-changed. Teachers were not continuously trained to keep abreast with modern methodologies of facilitating learning. Budgeted funds for equipment were diverted and shared by Politicians, Civil Servants and Publishers such as MacMillan Nigeria.

But today, the same people want our Education sector they left in tatters to be transformed overnight and compare to the Swiss, English and American educational systems in less than three years.

And when we expose them, they call it “Blame Game”. To them, it’s a game. To us its the painful reality of how they raped us.

How can you beat a child and deny it the rights to cry out! May their tongue cleave to the roof of their mouths, those who think or say we cannot refer to the evil PDP did to our nation. May they be in pain and be forbidden to cry out. AMEN. Thank you Official EFCC. Go get them!”

The EFCC, on Saturday, announced the arrest of Adelekan, who is a contractor for the Universal Basic Education Commission. His arrest is part of an investigation of the alleged ₦20bn fraud in UBEC, involving the supply of science and technical equipment and textbooks to 104 unity colleges.

It was gathered that Adelekan had earlier written statements during which he promised to supply evidence of the execution of the contracts against claims by principals of the unity schools that they only received between 20 and 30 percent of the equipment and textbooks purportedly supplied to them and for which the contractor collected full payment.

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