He is our Man – South-West PDP group endorses Dankwambo for 2019


A south-west group with affiliation to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has endorsed the governor of Gombe state, Ibrahim Dankwambo as the party’s presidential candidate in 2019.

The group known as the Yoruba Solidarity Alliance, YSA, in a statement signed by its coordinator, Femi Adeniyi, pointed out that 53-year-old Dankwambo is the only marketable candidate because ‘he has the interests of the youths and can defeat president Muhammadu Buhari’. The statement read in part;

“Nigerians have evidently become disillusioned as a result of countless broken promises of the APC.

Only a man of known performance and integrity like Ibrahim Dankwambo can readily appeal to the electorate during the 2019 presidential election.Now that the ruling party has demonstrated its inability to offer better governance, PDP cannot afford to seek the trust of Nigerians once again with any serial presidential candidate that is bogged down with moral burden and encumbrance of corruption.

It is amply evident that the long-suffering Nigerians have had enough of gerontocracy while majority of them are prepared to do away with this unworkable idea in 2019.

What the nation needs at this time of untold economic hardship and insecurity is a much younger president who is fresh with new ideas and innovative concepts and Dankwambo is the only way out in 2019 especially with his proven achievements.”

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