Men found guilty of killing, beheading teen


Polokwane – The Limpopo High Court on Monday found two men guilty of killing a young woman for her body parts.

Stanley Mohlake and Edward Raatji killed 17-year-old Nthabiseng Mosomane – Mohlake’s girlfriend – decapitated her, and attempted to sell the body parts to sangomas in Polokwane.

Traditional healers alerted the police and the two were placed under surveillance, before being arrested in July last year.

Police testified that the men had tried to sell her head in Polokwane’s CBD.

The head was found wrapped in newspaper and hidden in a school bag.

Mosomane’s burnt body was found a day later at Mapela village, near Mokopane.

Raatji, a former teacher who was studying law at the University of Venda, tried to exonerate himself of the crimes.

It emerged during their trial that Raatji had found potential buyers.

He took notes while Judge Matsoro Semenya delivered her verdict. Mohlake held his head high.

Raatji claimed during the trial that he had offered Mohlake a lift to Polokwane and had nothing to do with the skull that was found in his car.

Semenya found that the men’s testimonies were an attempt to disassociate themselves from the scene and the facts that incriminated them.

She said that Raatji had played a major role, as chief negotiator, in striking a deal with a sangoma.

The court found that this role was corroborated by the evidence of two sangomas who Raatji contacted about the sale.

Mohlake also maintained his innocence throughout.

Semenya found: “The accused conspired to kill the deceased in order to sell her body parts. The versions of the accused are rejected and found to be not true.”

Sentencing is scheduled for January 23.

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