National Convention: PDP begs Atiku, other decampees to return to party


A group known as the PDP Unity forum has appealed to former vice president, Atiku Abubakar and other top former members of the PDP to return to the party as the National convention is fast approaching.

In a statement signed by the leader of the group, Chris Okike, the group appealed to the former party members to return as it is common knowledge that ‘they are not being treated fairly’ in their current parties. The statement read;

“It is with a profound sense of responsibility and honesty that we address you today on this vexed issue in our political dynamics.

Recall that sometime in 2014; some of our prominent and illustrious stakeholders especially Alh. Atiku Abubakar former vice president and others party stakeholders left the party for one reason or the other.

Gentlemen of the press, it is no longer news, that the leadership of our great party then, exhibited monumental leadership flaws which is prominent among the reasons for our poor public perception and disdain.
Lack of internal party democracy; impunity of a mindboggling dimension, selection against election, imposition against internal democracy and lack of respect for the outcome of a transparent internal process were prevalent. Contrary to popular belief, the opposition has the impetus for the virulent attack on our great party mostly from what analysts refers to as the perfidy of the leadership of our party as epitomized by its NWC of that era. Apart from internal sabotage which some few members of the committee have been suspected complicit in, it manifest a mindboggling level of ineptitude never known in the history of party administration in the entire country, up till this moment, some serious observers of political development in this country still marvels at how a ruling party in Africans most affluent, prosperous and boisterous country could afford to loose five governors and many senators in one single swoop.
Events, since after the exit of the former Nat. Chairman, Bamanga Tukur indicate that the issue that led to the exit of the governors and other party leaders were fundamental and not entirely dependent on Tukur’s leadership style issue as aforementioned like imposition of candidates lack internal party Democracy etc.

Some of the biggest issues raised against the former leadership of our party is that it proved itself incapable of obeying the party’s rules and regulations and even her constitution. The quagmire our party had in some states which eventually culminated in the exit of our most illustrious governors in a single swoop is primarily as a result of these unfortunate but avoidable incidences.

Gentlemen of the press, after vigorous but exhaustive consultations with the critical stakeholder of our great party nationwide, there is a consensus opinion that we should make concerted effort to persuade the governors and senators and other leaders who justifiably feel aggrieved and left our fold, to come back to their original party – PDP.

While some clandestine consultations are still ongoing, we, the PDP Unity Forum on behalf of the leadership of our great party humbly and most respectfully appeal to our most illustrious, industrious and famous governors and other respected party leaders to please come back to where they rightfully belong PDP.

Incidentally, it’s a common knowledge that they are not being fairly treated in their new party, so we appeal that they should come back to P.D.P now that we have a new leadership that exhibit and cherish internal democracy and upholds party supremacy and constitution under the able leadership of Sen. AHMED MOHAMMED MAKARFI.”

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