Nationwide Black-out: How National Grid got shut-down [DETAILS]


Widespread panic gripped the whole country on Wednesday after the country’s power grid shut-down abruptly.

PoliticsNGR has learnt that the collapse was due to a fire incident at the Escravos Lagos Pipeline system of the Nigerian Gas processing and Transportation Company.

The inferno led to the closure of a pipeline that supplies gas to Six thermal power plants. Below is a statement from the Federal Ministry of Power, works and housing;

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“It is regrettable that after a sustained period of increasing production and distribution of power since September 2017 to date, the Nigerian Gas Processing and Transportation Company Ltd reported a fire incident on its Escravos Lagos Pipeline System near Okada, Edo State on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The incident requires a shutdown of the pipeline supplying gas to Egbin 1,320megawatts; Olorunsogo NIPP 676MW; Olorunsogo 338MW; Omotosho NIPP 450MW; Omotosho 338 MW; and Paras 60MW power stations.

The sudden loss of generation due to interruption in gas supply from these stations caused the national transmission grid to trip off around 20:20 on 2nd January 2018. The national transmission grid is owned and operated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria.”

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