Photos of the World’s Largest Voodoo Market in Togo [SHOCKING]


The World’s Largest Voodoo Market is situated in Africa in the city of Lome, Capital of Togo. The market known as the Akodessewa Fetish Market or Marche des Feticheurs is home to all sorts of charms, fetish practices and materials one might need for any kind of Ritual.

From Voodoo priests to Baboon skulls to leopard skins, all is in rich supply at the feared Market. According to AtlasObscura, Though many people think of Haiti as Voodoo’s biggest stronghold, the religion originated in West Africa. Vodoun is the official religion of neighbouring Benin and is still the largest religion in the area, which is obvious given that the outdoor market’s location is in the heart of Togo’s capital.

The market is owned and run by Beninese. The Akodessewa Fetish Market is a mecca to local practitioners and they travel there from all over the African continent. Many believers view the Marche des Feticheurs as a kind of hospital or pharmacy. Talismans and charms good for treating everything from the flu or infertility to removing the blackest of curses can all be found there.

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