Security forces arrest man suspected of killing British diplomat in Lebanon


The Lebanese security forces said that a taxi driver suspected of killing a 30-year-old British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes over the weekend in the north-east of Beirut have been arrested on Monday.

A judicial source close to the investigation also said that the suspect is Lebanese and is being interrogated by the security authorities.

The sources said that the suspect will later be transferred to an investigative judge.

The sources said that the case is being treated as a criminal case and, so far, appears that it was not politically motivated.

A Lebanese security source said that initial findings showed that the driver tried to sexually assault Dykes but she managed to fight him, “the suspect then strangled her.’’

Dykes, was found on the side of a highway in north-eastern Lebanon on Saturday afternoon, and police identified her on Sunday.

Dykes was last seen on Friday night in a bar with a female friend in the Gemmayzeh neighbourhood.

On LinkedIn, Dykes said she was working for Britain’s Department for International Development and as policy manager with the Libya team at the Foreign Office.

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