See The Way Governor Rochas Okorocha Is Looking At A Blind Evangelist At Imo Govt House, Nigerians React (Photos)

Checkout Gov. Rochas Okorocha’s reaction after a blind evangelist and his wife sang during service at government house victory chapel in Owerri, yesterday!
The Governor got emotionally touched..

Oluwa Omalicha Pikin Imo people have turn to idol worshippers by okoroewuhausa …..what happens to Nebuchadnezzar shall happen to okoroewuhausa. And right now he’s about to erect the statue of obi and the blind man …….about to kpuo thier status . Akpuola gi (have they mould you ?) is the new greeting in imo state right now . Biko okoroewuhausa come and pkuo omAlicha pikin ooo .

Daphne Legemah Nowadays okorocha eyes is like x-rays, once he views u, your statue don ready be dat..slogan of imo state should be: Land of statues.#na joke i dey oo#

Pedro Gustavez He will be like this is another opportunity for embezzling another 850million, make I knack am one statue and give him chieftaincy title “the eyes of the gods ” Imolites am really sorry for this punishment, you are a Nigerian, Buhari is your president, Rochas is your governor , this is the real hell fire 😂 😂 😂

Nikky Ifeyinwa Crystal This is the latest line and exchange of pleasantries trending in Imo state. Good morning, afternoon ,evening and night has been replaced with “Nna akpuola gi?? ( Guy, babes, Have you been moulded?) So I heard ooo😂🙂Rochas ooo.choi! The blind man’s statue will soon be moulded and erected before the end of December if care is not taken.

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