Tinubu has turned against Buhari, has a secret deal with PDP – APC group (DETAILS)

The APC national vanguard, a coalition under the APC has alleged that the national leader of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has signed a secret deal with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to oust Buhari in the 2019 general elections.

In a communique issued during an emergency meeting in Abuja, the APC vanguard disclosed that the recent letter by Tinubu to Buhari heaping accusations on the national chairman of the party, John Oyegun were unexpected of an elder statesman, adding that there was an elaborate plan by Tinubu and the PDP to cause discord within the APC. The communique read;

“Tinubu is acting out a pre-planned agenda to sack Chief Oyegun as APC National Chairman before the forthcoming national convention of the party scheduled for June 2018.

With the successful removal of the party Chairman, President Buhari’s re-electionbid may be put to jeopardy. Reliable sources in Tinubu’s political camp have confirmed to us that there is a plot by a faction of the PDP and Asiwaju to create chaos and discord within the APC.

It went further; “Politics should be played without bitterness, envy and acrimony, recent events in our party, APC have proved the contrary. It is surprising that our great party is being thrown into further crisis by those who should protect our interest and ensure unity because a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Otherwise, why would somebody entrusted with the mission of reconciling aggrieved parties to pave way for APC national convention be throwing stones in a glass house? Our independent investigations have revealed that Tinubu is working for the opposition parties and PDP to cause crisis that would lead to the sudden death of APC.We have it on good authority that some PDP members have scheduled a meeting with Tinubu next week in the United Kingdom. We commend the maturity of Odigie-Oyegun and his response.

After President Buhari entrusted with the assignment of reconciling members of APC, we would have expected that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would go about the task with tact and humility.But to the contrary, the first thing he did was to create more discord within the party by going after constituted authority of the APC.

The question to ask is : from where does Asiwaju derive his authority? In whose interest is he creating crisis? Does the task of reconciling aggrieved party members convey any authority on him to attempt to discredit the party chairman in public domain?”



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