Two Nigerian Thieves Flogged Mercilessly For Stealing Turkeys In Anambra State (Photos)


Accoding to facebook user Okwudili Ofodile Two thieves where today flogged mercilessly for stealing turkeys in Anambra State, he shared the post and video with caption;
Happenings in Afor Nnobi, they are caught by the owner of Turkey which he said they came to his house early morning to carry it. By this he block them at Ehulu market and caught them

Stella Maris Chinemerem The situation of this country is pissing me off….. Look at how people is messing up just to eat food, I pray things will get better…. Then you guys should go n learn handwork n stop waiting for quick money… Nothing good come easily

Precious Chukwudi I don’t know if I should be happy or cry. Hand them over to the right authority. But I still prefer this than jungle justice. The punishment is fair… God please help our youth let them know that good thing don’t come easy. What rubbish is this, stealing chicken and turkey? What a nonsense

Ogbuka Oluchi Please forgive them I’m already crying may be hunger led them to this please tamper justice with mercy. Chai is country hmmmmm God please help our youth

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